Sell Your Antique Coins

Have you ever wondered how much a rare coin or old bank note might be worth? Perhaps it’s a coin that you’ve stumbled across at home or something unusual that you spotted at a boot sale? Since the days of antiquity, people have been using currency for the exchange of goods. Before the advent of coins, the exchange could have been in the form of axe heads, jewels, pieces of fabric and even shells. Around 650 BC, metal coins began to appear in Western Europe; these were small ingots of a specific size that were stamped with the city’s mark. Rare coins and old bank notes can turn up just about anywhere and finding out just what they are worth could hold a positive surprise!

If you’d like to get a Banknote or Coin appraisal from our specialist to find out your old coin value, antique coin value, or foreign coin value, simply upload a photograph and tell us any other details you know about the item. Our team of experts will analyze your coin and provide you with a comprehensive coin appraisal.

Our coins expert has had an interest in this subject since childhood. He has a deep knowledge of his subject and market, and will be able to advise you on the value of your coins.