Jewellery Assets to Cash

For many years, people have been keeping collections of fine jewellery that ultimately go unworn. Some of them were presents, some were inherited and others they bought for themselves. But after having kids, building careers and businesses, many people find less purpose for elaborate earrings and designer jewellery. So, instead of holding onto expensive jewellery they don’t wear, some people have started to sell their jewellery to generate cash out of their assets.

To many people, great grandma’s cameo brooches, lockets and hat pins are looking less like treasured antiques and more like a way to finance a business venture or university tuition for their child. This is a big transformation from one generation back, when there wasn’t as much of a demand to sell old and unwanted jewellery. Now, that the demand has grown, multiple options to sell jewellery exist. Reputable companies like Point Jewellery in Sea Point, Cape Town are offering fast, easy and personalised ways to sell jewellery.

Many people who bought gold jewellery 20 years ago are able to make a profit exceeding the retail price for which they originally bought the piece. In the years following the financial crisis in 2008, more professional investors have turned to investing money into estate jewellery as they are wary of putting all of their money into financial institutions. Vintage and antique jewellery is on its way to becoming part of the same asset class as art and real estate. Due to the rarity of certain stones and designer pieces, Point Jewellery Exchange will pay impressive sums for these pieces. Stones from closed mines like India’s Golconda diamonds and Columbia’s Muzo emeralds, are highly coveted.

Getting a Fair Market Price When You Sell Jewellery

Point Jeweller Exchange’s jewellery buyers makes it the perfect place to sell jewellery at a higher price. Not only do our customers gain access to some of the highest potential proposals for their valuables, they also benefit from a professional appraisal at no cost. No other company offers such a prestigious appraisal program. Evaluations are conducted with exacting precision, utilising the best, most technologically advanced equipment and laboratory facilities, this is the most accurate evaluation available for any precious jewellery item. Our appraisals are conducted not as a way to assign a price to your jewellery, but as a means to ensure that you receive the best possible value. Each evaluation is 100 % objective, providing transparency and increasing trust for buyer and seller alike. For the busy modern person, selling jewellery at Point Jewellery Exchange saves a lot of time. The process is easy and all it takes are these simple steps:

  • Begin by filling out a quick request form on our website that describes the piece of jewellery for sale. Photographs of the item can be uploaded, further helping the
  • Point Jewellery Exchange appraisers to accurately assess the initial value.
  • Based on the image and description, similar transactions in the marketplace are sourced alongside the opinions of interested buyers to determine an initial market value estimate.
  • Once you decide to proceed, we can set up an appointment to view the piece in real life.
  • We agree on a price to be paid and Point Jewellery Exchange immediately pays you in cash or via EFT.