Investing in Diamonds

Diamonds are the most concentrated store of value that exists, an important source of liquidity. The value of diamonds is not determined by ‘fiat currency”. The value of extremely precious commodities is independent of government laws and that’s why they have retained their values even during recession.

Buying a diamond you don’t need to be an expert. Famous diamonds like the Hope from India, the Yellow Tiffany from South Africa, and the Williamson Fancy Pink inspire the imagination and are so valuable they seem almost like fictional objects of desire. Their size can leave you in awe and you can practically go blind from their beauty when in their presence. But diamonds can also be a practical investment.

In markets where inflation rates have soared; investors have sought out diamonds as a way to put a hold on the value of their currency. The wealthy have used their diamonds to get them through tough economic times such as during WWII and the Asian economic crisis of 1997. In our current economy, investing in diamonds is paying off for many.

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