How to sell your high value watch…

While buying watches requires money, selling them can potentially make you some. The watch industry is mostly concerned with selling you new things, and sometimes more interesting parts of the business are ignored.

The “old” view of selling watches was that it was done via traditional auctions or perhaps to a retailer, or possibly to a friend or fellow watch lover. The internet opened up resources such as eBay, and watch trading sites, which really only changes the ease of selling, not necessarily who you are selling to.

Today, new businesses are popping up that mostly buy watches. Their profit model is derived from buying timepieces in a convenient manner and selling them on the back-end to a range of dealers and other resources. It is a legitimately needed resource for many people who aren’t interested in taking the time to find and qualify buyers of potentially valuable watches. And it is one that is granted little media attention.

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