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Here is some information about the Krugerrand and its history.

South African Gold Krugerrand

The Gold Krugerrand is the World’s most circulated gold bullion coin.

The gold bullion coin gets its name from the popular four-term President of the old Republic of South Africa, Paul Kruger 1883 – 1900, and the Rand, the South African currency.

In 1966, the South African Reserve Bank, gave authorization to the Rand Refinery Ltd. to manufacture gold blanks and the South African Mint to strike the blanks into Krugerrand gold bullion coins.



krugerrand_obvThe obverse side of the South African Gold Krugerrand displays the portrait of Paul Kruger.

“SUID~AFRIKA” is inscribed along the inner perimeter of the gold bullion coin.

The language is Afrikaans, the native language of South Africa.

In addition, the English pronunciation “SOUTH AFRICA” is also inscribed on obverse side of the gold coin.



krugerrand_reverseThe Reverse side of the Gold Krugerrand features the Springbok (gazelle), one of the national symbols of South Africa.

The reverse side of the coin was designed by Coert Steynberg.

His initials “CLS” can be found directly above the word “GOLD” on the left face side of the gold bullion coin.

“KRUGERRAND” is inscribed along the top of the coin.

The year of issue is shown broken in half and displayed on both sides of the Springbok.

Inscribed at the bottom are the words “FYNGOUD 1OZ FINE GOLD” representing the Gold Krugerrand’s weight and purity.



The first Gold Krugerrand coins were minted in 1967, for the first several years the gold coins were produced for collectors in proof-like fashion.The South African mint didn’t start to mass produce the Krugerrand in bullion form until 1970.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, South Africa’s policy of apartheid brought along economic sanctions against the country which made the Krugerrand an illegal import in many Western countries.

In 1994, South Africa abandoned apartheid, when the sanctions ended the Krugerrand regained it status as one of the worlds leading gold bullion coins.

Coin Information: 1oz. Gold Krugerrand
Introduction: 1967
Gold Content: 1 troy oz.
Total Weight: 33.93 grams
Purity: 0.9167
Karat: 22 karat
Diameter: 32.77mm
Thickness: 2.84mm

Coin Information: 1/2oz. Gold Krugerrand
Introduction: 1980
Gold Content: 0.5 troy oz.
Total Weight: 16.965 grams
Purity: 0.9167
Karat: 22 karat
Diameter: 27.07mm
Thickness: 2.215mm

Coin Information: 1/4oz. Gold Krugerrand
Introduction: 1980
Total Weight: 8.482 grams
Purity: 0.9167
Karat: 22 karat
Diameter: 22.06mm
Thickness: 1.888mm

Coin Information: 1/10oz. Gold Krugerrand
Introduction: 1980
Total Weight: 3.393 grams
Purity: 0.9167
Karat: 22 karat
Diameter: 16.55mm
Thickness: 1.35mm

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