Good day Mark and Ismail

I would like to thank everyone at the Point Jewellery Exchange for their excellent service, if it wasn't for you guys I would have lost my finger due to my ring that was stuck on it. Like Mark said if i had gone to another jeweler they most probably would not have assisted me . The staff at the Point Jewellery Exchange helped me with no questions asked except for making jokes about my swollen finger, I am grateful that you guys went out of your way to remove the ring, I will definitely have a goodnight sleep after a weekend of sleepless nights because of the pain and the swelling, Keep up the great work.

Have a blessed festive season!!!!!

Thank You!!!!

Wendy M,

Dear Terry and Mark, I would like to thank you for your valued advice, honesty, integrity and professional service. You way exceeded my expectations and it was an absolute pleasure conducting business with you. I recommend you to my clients, friends and family with great confidence as I know they will be well looked after in your good hands. You will be blessed and your future prosperous.

Juan L,

I am not a collector. So I simply googled selling coins in cape town. A few links down I saw Point Jewellery Exchange, located close to my home in Cape Town CBD, it was my first choice. Terry, who runs the place he is a very nice man. I'm sure he could tell right away I was a bit out of place. I did my research as to the value of what I had. Terry was very up front with me on what I had. He was very patient with me and answered all my questions. He gave me a very fair price on all my coins and even taught me a thing or two. Honestly I had no interest in coins when I walked in, but now I find myself wondering what else is out there. Overall I give Point Jewellery Exchange a 5 out of 5. Very informative and very helpful. The establishment is very nice and clean and Terry made me feel welcome. If you have any coins you would like to sell or would like to find some cool coins I'd recommend Point Jewellery Exchange.

Jason J,

I had some old jewellery that has been sitting in a drawer for years. A friend had told me that I should sell it and make some extra cash from my old gold. I took my jewellery to a few places to get some quotes. I then went to Point Jewellery Exchange. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the staff. I received a quote much higher than any of the other places I had gone to. I decided to sell my gold to Point Jewellery Exchange. I wanted to say thank you to Terry for your help and your friendliness.

John T,