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Our Mission

At Point Jewellery Exchange, we pay more for every item that we buy by directly working with wholesalers and private dealers in Cape Town and across South Africa. Our specialty items include but are not limited to gold jewelry, luxury watches, collectables, art, antiques, movie props, memorabilia, silver, platinum, and diamonds among others. On the Collateral Loans section, we offer the possibility of acquiring fast cash without the worry of all the legal procedures that you would otherwise go through if you chose a financial institution.

Meet Our Work Team

  • Terry has spent over twenty years in the jewellery and watch...

  • Mark is a qualified diamond grader with 20 years experience in...

  • Ismail Ramjan is a licensed goldsmith whose skill and artistry has...

  • Denis Swanepoel is a passionate coin enthusiast with a understanding of...

  • Claudia is our friendly sales manager and administrator....

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